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Modeling the Way

Earlier in the week, I had a great opportunity to drop by two fourth grade field trips, each of them taking place at Four Mounds, a high ropes and team-building site that our students visit each year to wrap up a fantastic career in elementary school.  I have said for many years that this is the best field trip that I have ever been part of because of the incredible experiences that students gain in a short amount of time.  During their time at Four Mounds, students participated in high and low ropes courses that present physical, mental, and emotional challenges.  Communication, teamwork, encouragement, perseverance, mental toughness, and the ability to step outside of one's comfort zone are essential within the various activities.  As I observed, talked with others, and participated in the activities myself, I thought about key take-aways that can guide our work as educators.

Taking Risks
There is no question that students were pushed outside of their comfort zones as they rotate…