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What Can We Learn from Disney?

I recently returned from the National Association of Elementary School Principal's Conference (#naesp15) in Long Beach, California and finally have time to quietly reflect on the week filled with fantastic memories.

There is nothing like attending a conference in 2015.  It is truly amazing seeing people from my Personal Learning Network (PLN) face to face after interacting through Twitter, Voxer, and Facebook over the past several months.  I wrote about this very topic last year after attending #naesp14 in Nashville.  I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by incredible people within my network who truly care about students, staff members, families, and making their schools as great as they can be.  Throughout the past couple of years I have been provided with opportunities to present and share my learning with small and large groups of people at the local, state, and national levels.  This would never have been possible if I did not make a conscious effort to connect though soci…