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Why | How | What

The title and content within this post comes from Thomas Hoerr, as I was inspired by his article entitled "Why?" in the November 2014 edition of Educational Leadership.  In this article, Hoerr challenges the reader to think about the "why" before the "how" and "what."  For example, when launching a change or initiative within your organization or defining your work, direct your attention to why, rather than what or how.  Let me explain.  When everyone in the learning community understands why there needs to be a change (supported by data of course), they are much more likely to buy in and support the initiative or new way of conducting business. It's not that we don't explain the why when we are bringing forth changes; however, it is not common that we start here. Traditionally we start by explaining what it is and how we will do this within our system.  Simon Sinek has written a book on this concept entitled, Start with Why and also del…