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Focus On the Process

When I was younger I played a lot of baseball in a number of different leagues.  I enjoyed myself very much and experienced some success along the way.  While playing I was solely focused on getting two hits in every four trips that I made to the plate during each game.  It didn't matter to me how I was able to get those two hits: a deep fly ball in the gap, a little blooper, a screaming line drive, or a swinging bunt would be fine, as long as I was able to reach base safely.  If I was unable to get two hits in four at bats, I would consider it a failure and would be disappointed with myself.  I was not focused on my technique; the only thing I cared or thought about was getting two or more hits in the game.  When I finally started listening to my coach, hero and number one mentor (my father) I realized the importance of focusing on my swing, bat speed, and technique (the process) and the hits (the results) would take care of themselves.  If I was able to figure out what I was doi…