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Everybody Has a Story

I was walking down the hallway of one of my schools the other day and passed three students who all smiled from ear to ear and waved when they saw me.  There is nothing like being the principal of an elementary school; there is so much positive energy and thirst for knowledge.  As I was walking by these students I couldn't help but think of the conversation that I had with one of our staff members just a few hours prior.  We were talking about relationships, student backgrounds, and the fact that everyone in the school setting has a story.

Some of our students have everything that they could hope for at home: loving parents, a nice house, lots of toys, food on the table, and a warm bed to sleep in each night.  There are others who come to school and the best two (and sometimes only) meals of the day are served in the Epworth and Farley Elementary School cafeterias.  Some students wear the same clothing multiple times per week, don't have a consistent place that they can call …