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Paying Gratitude When It Is Due

Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday and begins a time of year where I continually stop and reflect about all of the things in my life for which I am grateful.  As an elementary school principal of two buildings (@EpworthElem) and (@FESBobcats), I have the opportunity to work with a variety of people who provide a tremendous deal of support and make my job very rewarding.  Within this post I will list some of the wonderful aspects of the elementary principalship at Epworth and Farley Elementary Schools for which I am grateful.

Community Partnerships 
I am so fortunate to be part of a community where education is valued, celebrated, and where stakeholders go out of their way to support our schools.  A prime example of this support became very clear a couple of weeks ago when @WesternDubuqueW participated in the Celebrate My Drive competition powered by State Farm Insurance.  This competition asked students and community members to take a daily pledge toward safe driving by logging o…